Return of The Ancient Goddess

Iona Dove cloud formation - 2019

Sophi'ah - Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge (Gnosis) and Love is the central point of Creation and represents the Divine Feminine aspect of All things.  She is Nature itself, crowned with stars her symbol is the Dove.  She is supreme Goddess of the sky, and Goddess of Creation.


All round the world she is being seen and felt within those who are open and aware. We need her ancient wisdom to guide us into the next world, through the chaos and destruction and into the new world that is opening before us. 


I adopted her name for my work after seeing a Dove in a cloud formation whilst visiting the Scottish West Coast island of Iona, once known as the "Isle of Beautiful women" in May 2019. On the island stands the ruins of a nunnary which is embedded with red granite said to come from the very centre of the earth and incorporates some of the oldest rock on planet earth it is equated to the quality of granite found in Ancient Eygpt.  The island was also once the sacred Isle of the Druids who understood the fundamental importance of the Isle.

The women who once lived there were also known as the woman of the Ank, where the link to Eygypt and the Goddess Isis originates. Hathor and Isis were both later Goddess forms of Sophia.  We can never under estimate the power of this sacred place of Iona and the connection to the Sacred Gaia Sophia.


I have adapted her name to include the Sanskrit sound for the breath "Ah" as for me Sophi'ah is the breath of life and my guiding force within.


Within the garden at Crows Nest Dingle there is a small Sacred Temple, a sanctum to the Great Mother Goddess Sophia which is the central feature of the Goddess garden and plant medicine garden. It provides quiet place to meditate or just enjoy the solitude to find your own personal place of Wisdom within.